Earth Friendly Products

Think of an expensive, fully applianced home on a pristine lake with a gleaming metal rooftop covered with solar panels. If you look closely the windows on this house are sensitive to light and turn in color like expensive sunglasses. You see rain barrels attached to downspout tubes that supply beautiful rain gardens and goldfish ponds with greywater. Go ahead, walk down the lush green lawn (that is naturally fertilized with compost) to the waters edge. The lake is clean and the air smells fresh because this entire community adopted the many earth friendly products that aid in environmental renewal. The people here didn’t do it because of government intervention either; these people embraced new environmental technologies because they are cool! Instead of competing with the neighbors by purchasing large SUVs these consumers are buying popular efficient cars that run on the many new alternative fuels available.

Can you imagine a world like this where consumers buy earth friendly products because they are popular? Who says things like solar panels, rainwater harvesting, sustainable developmentBusiness Management Articles, off the grid living and other earth friendly products and technologies are not cool?

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