Eco-Friendly Products From Brady People ID

Today, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about preserving our environment and capitalizing on local resources rather than depend on other countries. The demand for “green” or “environmentally friendly” products is higher than ever. Businesses are listening and in response are starting to deliver quality lines of organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free products. One of those companies is Brady People ID, specialists in ID supplies. Here are a few of their newest earth friendly products.

  • Lanyards. Lanyards are extremely popular for holding ID badges, security cards, keys, and a variety of other items. Brady makes two kinds that qualify as eco-friendly. The first one is made of 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. Using this material reduces the amount of petroleum needed, a declining resource. The other is made from bamboo. Bamboo has made headlines in recent years for being a versatile, sustainable resource. The cellulose fibers in this material break down very easily, causing virtually no pollution. Bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties and is a strong, durable material. Both lanyards are available in 10mm and 16mm sizes and can be customized with water based inks. The attachment pieces utilize a break-away design that releases when pulled.
  • Badge Holder. Brady’s green badge holder is made with phthalate free materials. Though phthalates break down easily in the environment, exposure to them has been linked to the obesity epidemic, endocrine disruptions, and diabetes. Reducing the amount of phthalates you come into contact with may not prevent these disorders completely but could put you at a lower risk. This clear holder is earth-friendly and loads from the top in both horizontal and vertical alignments. It is pre-punched with a slot as well as double holes for use with either a lanyard or a badge reel.
  • Strap Clip. This small utensil is made with PVC-DOP. Since this material is fully recyclable, it prevents further contamination to the environment. The standard strap clip is 70mm long, has clear strap with two holes and a smooth-face clip.
  • Cards. Finally, Brady produces three different earth-friendly cards. Corn cards are almost identical to PVC cards but support US farmers. The use of local products helps to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Recycled cards are created completely with recycled plastic. And the Plus-Card Bio is made from 100% biodegradable materials. They are also non-toxic to the ecosystem. All three cards are a great alternative to traditional PVC cards and come in a 30mil size.

Brady People ID is just one company looking for ways to go green. The more these companies and their earth friendly products are supported, the better off our environment will be. According to supply and demand, as greater numbers of customers demanding organic and chemical-free products, more will be available. And as an added bonus, the higher cost for these items will go down as well. While our world is still a long way off from being completely green, purchasing these products is a great start. So the next time you need ID suppliesFind Article, we encourage you to think of Brady.

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